Kanyu Cody Kroll

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Kanyu Cody Kroll is a classically trained figure sculptor, self-taught potter and Buddhist Priest. Artistically Kanyu does not limit himself to any one medium, material or style in his artistic process. Whenever possible he uses materials found in his immediate environment to create artwork. The purpose is to create the work of this place and of this moment. This provides Kanyu the freedom to let the material inform the juxtaposition of form, function and concept.

Kanyu’s ceramics are heavily influenced by his studies of both the Urasenke school of Chado (Tea Ceremony) and the Hijiri-Ikenobo school of Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging). He makes various clay bodies and traditional Japanese glazes using local materials to create Chadogu (tea utensils), sculpture, functional vessels and mixed-media installations.

Kanyu’s current work has been heavily influenced by experimentation with various types of anagama wood firings that use ash and flame on raw clay bodies over days of firing. Kanyu strives to create work that reveals the illusion of control.

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